Al's Liner Additives

Because every project has its own unique demands, Al's Liner offers additives for our urethane/acrylic bed liner system. These allow you to customize your bed liner to the texture and hardness of your choice. Whether you're looking for traction on a slippery warehouse walkway or rust protection that will match the glossy finish of a classic hotrod, Al's Liner has the mix you need to protect your investment for years to come. You can get a gloss, semi-gloss or matte finish and go from smooth to gritty all with the same material. We have also developed an additive that allows you to change the hardness of your truck bed coating. You can get a more pliable non-skid coating or a more impact resistant, harder coating. Al's can be modified to fit your needs in a wide range of applications. Bed liners are just one of a million and one uses with Al's Liner products.

Al's Liner Rubber Crumb Additive

Bed Liner Rubber Crumb

In wet locations, rust, water damage and slippery surfaces can do tremendous damage to your vehicle and compromise your safety when you're at work. Al's Liner Rubber Crumb is the perfect additive for floor coatings where water can be present and you need extreme non-skid properties. When evaluating the options for skid and water-resistant additives, we found ground rubber to be superior to the traditional mixes that other liners use for two reasons:


First, ground rubber is lighter than the sand or quartz mix you will find in other liners, so it stays suspended in the bed liner through the application process so that you don't have to constantly remix your liner to keep it consistent. Al's Liner is a true DIY product and the rubber crumb additive is key to ensuring ease of application when you need that extra protection.


Second, sand and quartz can be very abrasive. If you've worked on a boat deck or trailer floor that was coated with a different liner, you probably know the frustration of scraped knees and knuckles that comes with these substances. These abrasive materials can put scratches in other materials and tears in your skin, while at the same time wearing down easily with repeated use. The Al's Liner Rubber Crumb Additive is a soft material that will not scuff your skin or your tools upon contact. It provides long lasting traction and protection and is derived from recycled tires ? just another way Al's Liner maintains an environmentally friendly approach to supplying truck bed liners.

Product Highlights

  • Non-Skid additive
  • Stretches material square footage
  • Non-Abrasive to skin and contact
  • Great for flooring or for users looking for aggressive textures
  • Another GREEN effort (Made from recycled tires!)
Bed Liner Vinyl Flattener

Al's Liner Vinyl Flattener Additive

Al's Liner Vinyl Flattener boosts the durability of your liner while delivering a custom semi-gloss or matte finish that can be difficult to achieve with traditional protective coatings. It's perfect for applications that require a full strength, non-reflective coating, and has been widely used by our Kustom Kulture customers looking for that matte finish for under coatings and chassis parts. The biggest advantage of our Vinyl Flattener additive is its ability to increase the hardness of our bed liner. The natural urethane/acrylic combination offers a more rubberized coating which provides extreme non-skid properties but is pliable if applied with enough thickness. The natural material in every Al's Liner Kit offers a Shore Hardness of 82 Points Type A, giving it a hardness that exceeds an automotive tire tread by about 20 points. With a full batch of Vinyl Flattener (1 quart per gallon of Al's), you will see an increase to a 92 Point Type A Shore Hardness, which delivers maximum protection against nicks, dents, scratches or any other accident that might damage your vehicle's perfect finish. With the Al's Liner Vinyl Flattener Additive, the DIY Truck Bed Liner Kit can duplicate the appearance and hardness of polyurea bed liners on the market without the trouble or severe price of an in-shop job. If you want maximum protection in a tailor-made finish that you can apply at home, Al's Liner Vinyl Flattener Additive has you covered.

Product Highlights

  • Semi Gloss Finish
  • Matte or Flat Finish
  • Great for Hot Rodders
  • Used on exterior applications where gloss is too reflective

DIY Truck Bed Liner Kits and Accessories

Al's liner offers a wide range of products for the DIY Market. We are currently expanding our line of products so check back often.

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