Custom Colors

Custom Colors and Tints

Al’s Liner offers a truly customizable bed liner. Al’s can be tinted to almost any color using a wide variety of pigments. We recommend using automotive based pigments to insure saturations of the bed liner for a true color match. You can use any type of automotive pigment (urethane, acrylic, waterborne, etc.). Just make sure that are no binders in the mix as they will be forced out of the liner during the curing process.


Tintable Al’s Liner Kits

The Al’s Liner DIY Truck Bed Liner System is what we call a batch mix system with three major components making up the base product and a separate bottle of pigment included in the kits for color. If you wish to change the bed liner color you will want to discard the pigment included in the kit and mix 8 ounces of base pigment to tint the gallon. Keep in mid some lighter colors or translucent colors may require 12-16 ounces of pigment to ensure proper saturation.


Tinting Al’s Liner White

White is always a question when it comes to tinting bed liners. Al’s Liner DIY Truck Bed Liner Kits can be tinted white however, you must keep in mind that it takes a very high-density pigment to achieve a true white simply because Al’s is a urethane-based truck bed paint. If you do not use a high-quality/high-density white pigment you stand a chance of the bed liner paint yellowing during the curing process. The problem with white pigments of that caliber is that they are expensive. These generally cost $150 to $300 per pint of pigment. Also keep in mind that a white liner will show any dirt, scuff marks, etc.

We understand that it can be a little confusing on how to tint certain liners and get the true color match you are looking for. We encourage customers to ask questions prior to use. If you are looking for specific details on tinting your Al’s Liner DIY Truck Bed Liner Kit, you can email questions to or call your local Al’s Liner Dealer.